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dined on turkey and the trimmings, and for many this will be the last thanksgiving they will spend in afghanistan as the u.s. military inches closer to the 2014 withdrawal deadline. it's been a load of fun to chang chang -- hang out with you. ainsley: happy thanksgiving to you and your families. rick: breaking news. >> the deadly fighting between israel and hamas stopped for now, but what will it take for the ceasefire to hold? we are live in jerusalem. and ambassador susan rice publicly defending her earlier comments, calling the attack in libya that killed four american spontaneous. will it be enough for those opposed to her possible nomination for secretary of state? and a very controversial new study about mammograms, questioning the value of the screenings. should you or shouldn't you get
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one? it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪ finish. rick: and we begin with hope for a new beginning in israel and gaza. so glad you're with us, everybody, i'm rick folbaum, in for jon scott. heather: and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. it is a busy news day. the rocket fire and airstrikes stopped for now after more than a week of the worst cross-border fighting in four years. a ceasefire deal reached between's reel and hamas is holding -- between israel and hamas is holding. the only noise today, celebrations. palestinians marching side by side with yellow and green flags in a rare show of unity. rick: and life in israel is starting to return to normal, children going back to school. one woman saying she's grateful the violence has stopped, she's hoping it stays that way.
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>> it's much nicer not to have sirens. but, and i'm frightened by the sirens, especially for my kids. but i think that it doesn't solve anything, and i hope that israelly government and the hamas will learn after so many years and will begin to talk. because when people talk, they don't make war. rick: conor powell is live in jerusalem with the very latest. >> reporter: well, there is till a lot of tension here in this region because the ceasefire is very fragile, but nearly 24 hours into this ceasefire, it appears to be holding, no violations of the ceasefire agreement, and there are signs that life is beginning to return to norm. marley if southern -- particularly in southern israel and gaza where stores and markets are beginning to reopen, people are beginning to clean up, and in southern israel schools will open over the next few days, so life is beginning
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to return to normal. and in a really telling sign, many of the israeli troops along the border are beginning to pull back. signs that bulldozers and armored personnel vehicles are beginning to be moved off that border, and many of the 40,000 or so israeli reservists who were called up for a possible ground invasion, they are now beginning to be sent home. so life really is beginning to return to normal, but there is still a lot of fear about how long this ceasefire will hold, if it will hold. both sides, not surprisingly, are claiming victory. here in israel the government and the military say they inflicted serious damage to hamas' leadership and to their ability to fire rockets into southern israel and to other parts of israel like tel aviv and jerusalem. now, hamas and palestinians took to the street today in gaza celebrating what they say is a huge victory in part because they say just by standing up to israel, that that is a victory in itself.
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but also because part of the ceasefire agreement has a loosening, an easing of the blockade around gaza s and that is an important issue for hamas and the palestinians in the gaza territory. they really want to be able to have goods and services move into gaza. that has been constrained by this israeli blockade for years now. so the palestinians in gaza really do see as a victory. but whether or not this victory will lead to more sustainable peace is still very much up in the air. over the course of the next two months, the israeli government will have an election in january, so there's no real hope that there will be a longer-term agreement before that election, and after that it is anyone's guess as to what type of an agreement they will have here and will anybody be able to forge an agreement that will lead to a lasting peace? that is still a very big question going forward, rick. rick: conor powell live on the ground in jerusalem, thanks. heather: well, u.n. ambassador susan rice defending those early
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comments on the benghazi terror attacks just days after the raid on the u.s. consulate. ambassador rice went on five sunday talk shows and said that the attack grew out of a spontaneous to protest over an anti-muslim film. and now she says those remarks were based on the intelligence she was given. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. heather: national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from washington with the latest. hi, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, heather. well, essentially, she came out now was it's increasingly -- because it's increasingly clear that the president wants to nominate her to be his next
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secretary of state despite strong objections from senators such as john mccain. >> i have great respect for senator mccain and his service to our country. i always have and i always will. um, i do think that some of the statements he's made about me have been unfounded, but i rook forward to having the -- i look forward to having the opportunity to discuss all of this with him. >> reporter: director of national intelligence james clapper is wanted to return to capitol hill to explain why he told them he did not change the talking points. clapper's spokeman, sean turner, says it was clapper's own agency. >> reporter: jennifer griffin, thank you. rick: talk more about this with susan, chief congressional correspondent for the washington with examiner. susan, happy thanksgiving, good to see you. >> thanks, you too. rick: what'd you think of susan rice's comments? >> clearly, she's setting up the opportunity for becoming the next secretary of state.
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it is looking more likely, like the president at least wants to nominate her. and for him it will depend on how easily he can get her through the senate without dragging out this whole debate over benghazi. it's clearly a drag on his administration, and the foggier and blurrier he can make the whole situation, make it look harder to show really who's to blame, if anyone, for what happened in benghazi and the mission -- misinformation that followed the easier it'll be to get rice through, because it'll be harder to point to her as someone who came out and gave out false information. notice what she was saying in recent days about this, that she was talking from intelligence information that she obtained that was subject to updates, that was subject to further changes. this gets her off the hook as someone who came out and sort of perpetuated misinformation. rick: why would the president want to pick that fight and nominate susan rice knowing what a lightning rod she is to so many republicans? >> that is a great question,
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rick, and it is an outstanding question: will he want to pick that fight with congress? there are two schools of thought on this. some people think, you know what? he may go for an easier option, and that would be senator john kerry of massachusetts. he's someone who could, relatively speaking, glide through the senate with ease compared to susan rice at this point. it all depends on how benghazi shapes up. if it's looking like there's not going to be a big investigation, then susan rice looks like the more likely option. it all depends on how big of a fight he wants in the senate. rick: how wig of a story -- how big of a story do you think it is going to turn out to be, bebb ghazi? -- benghazi? i've heard people compare it to watergate given that no one died from watergate. as we take a look at what we know, what information we have available to us, what do you think is the potential here with this story? >> it depends because we've got a split congress.
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in the senate, it's run by democrats. they were having closed-door investigations last week, and a lot of democrats told me that they saw this as something that would be difficult to get to the bottom of, full of vague information and, you know, this whole fog of war thing. will we ever really know who's to blame? they're trying to push it aside and say there's nothing more to see here. now, republicans are really pursuing this. you have john mccain and lindsey graham in the senate, and you have folks in the house who -- which is run by republicans -- who want more answers. it's really going to be almost a political fight as to how far we go with in the benghazi investigation, because it's very clearly most democrats with the exception of dianne feinstein from california who runs the intelligence committee in the senate, most of them are ready to push this thing aside and get on to other things in congress. rick: what if it was spin? i've heard democrats say even if the administration was trying to put a positive spin on a story that would look bad for them
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leading up to an election day, how is this any different from spinning jobless numbers, from spinning the health care debate? leading up to an election, both sides were doing so much spinning. >> i think spinning and national security are, a whole other issue. four dead americans, the first ambassador killed in three decades, and what really looks less like spin and almost in the eyes of some republicans and only critics a cover-up, a cover-up of incompetence and a cover-up of denial of help for people who are really seeking additional security in libya. all those things point to a real need to look further boo -- into this. it's different that be spinning jobless numbers because there are four dead americans. rick: susan, thanks for spending part of your holiday with us. >> thank you. heather: and on this thanksgiving day we can't forget there are nearly 70,000 american troops serving in afghanistan. our troops celebrating this day away from home, feasting on a
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traditional turkey meal. soldiers say that afghan locals have taken good care of them on this holiday, and then after dinner a little bit of gotta have football on thanksgiving. some of the troops came together for the first thanksgiving game of touch rugby, though, and many locals joined in the game as well. rick: this thanksgiving coming less than a month after superstorm sandy. a lot of people are still in need of a lot of help. how volunteers are helping those living in the hardest-hit areas. plus, the powerball jackpot just got bigger. how much you could win this coming saturday. >> hi, i'm captain che reese ellis here in kuwait, i want to send a special greeting for thanksgiving to my beautiful children, desiree and jalen, in the hometown of pembroke pines, florida. i miss you, and i can't wait to
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heather: welcome back. hundreds of volunteers reaching out to help victims of superstorm sandy on this thanksgiving. communities are working together right now to start rebuilding lives, also rebuilding homes weeks after the storm slammed the northeast. anna coyman is live in far rockaway in queens, new york city.
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so, anna, how are they celebrating thanksgiving in that community? >> reporter: well, heather, the same way they do every year. this is the 19th year that rock and wrap it up has been here at the first congregational church here in queens, new york, but it looks very different this year. in fact, superstorm sandy even devastated this church. their basement was flooded out x they're running this meal operation with no power, so it's a little chilly for folks as well. their going to be serving about a thousand meals today, normally it's about 600. and the new york giants are underwriting this today. the outreach, they say, is not just about the food, it's also therapeutic for sandy victims to talk to one another and the volunteers. >> they leave here, they've had their bellies full, but they've also been able to share experiences and people are here to listen. >> reporter: and, health e the church also has a supply station
9:16 am
that we're told has been serving between 70 and 100 people a day since election day. heather: anna, are a lot of charity organizations dealing with the same issues? >> reporter: absolutely. volunteer groups and businesses and religion institutions -- religious institutions across the region are really coming together. the american red cross has served 6.6 million meals and snacks since superstorm sandy hit. they plan on serving 35,000 today, and in the city of new york more than 26,500 meals will be served at more than 30 food distribution sites. and in new york, the governor, andrew cuomo, stepped up in breezy point yesterday handing out meals for first responders. we've talked to a lot of parents who say they're really trying to teach their kids the true meaning of the holiday season. even if you don't have a lot, you can help wherever you can. heather: and that is a lesson for all of us.
9:17 am
a lot of these volunteers were victims of sandy from the very beginning, so a lesson to be told. thank you, anna. rick: we're all very thankful for our friends, our family, our health, but we'd all probably be a little extra grateful if we had an extra $325 million in our pockets, the jackpot increasing by $75 million after no one matched the winning numbers in yesterday's drawing, and a lot of folks are crossing their fingers out there. >> i try to win, you know? it's something of a dream. >> it's a lot of people help myself and help others. >> i wouldn't buy junk with it, i'd do something for humanity. >> i guess probably the first thing is, um, i'd buy another home where it's a lot cooler. rick: you can buy some junk and still have some left over to help humanity. just shy of the record $337 million won back in august, the odds of winning are 1 in 176
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million. heather: i'll take those odds, what junk would you buy? rick: i don't know. i'd have to think about it. good junk. something for the kids, for sure. and my wife. heather: well, a veteran congressman and son of a civil rights icon stepping down after months of speculation about his future. why jesse jackson jr.'s troubles may be far from over. new reaction from a live report. plus, a judge rules on the future of hostess. what will happen to the maker of those tasty twinkies? are they down for the count? find out.
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heather: we have a fox news alert for you, dense fog being blamed for a 50 vehicle pile-up in jefferson county, texas. reports say that at least 35 people are injured, no reports of any deaths so far.
9:22 am
shutting down, though, interstate 10 in both directions. this happened around 8:00 this morning. you can take a look at some video of the pile-up right there. once again these are live pictures. no deaths being reported from this, but about 35 injuries so far. so a traffic snarl for all those people there in texas trying to get home for the holidays. rick: that's too bad. we'll keep an eye on that and bring you more information as we get it. right now, though, a congressman's fall. jesse jackson jr.'s resignation from congress might spell the end of a political career that once held so much promise. but it hardly means that his troubles are over. still serious health issues for him. peter doocy is live from washington. what are some folks in chicago saying about jesse jackson jr.'s resignation? >> reporter: it's interesting, rick, some folks in chicago are now suggesting that congressman jackson should have resigned before he was elected to a ninth term at the beginning of this month to let the voters choose at the beginning of this month his successor.
9:23 am
but one member of the illinois delegation, congressman bobby rush -- who also happens to be the only person to ever beat barack obama in an next -- refuses to believe congressman jackson duped anyone. >> i don't think that anybody's been duped. i don't think -- i think that this is a process that nobody really knew exactly what was going to happen. i don't think he knew what was going to happen. and i think that we're all praying for him, and i'm -- and optimistic that he will be able to recover. >> reporter: jackson was allegedly skimming campaign funds to buy jewelry for a mistress. he said: i am aware of the federal ongoing investigation into my activities, and i'm doing my best to cooperate with the investigators and accept responsibility for my mistakes, for they are my mistakes and mine alone. none of us is immune from our
9:24 am
share of shortcomings or human frailties, and i pray that i'll be remembered for what i did right. and the next four days we expect illinois governor pat quinn to announce the date of a special election to replace jackson. rick: and, of course, jackson dealing with major mental health issues. who are the names that have been floated so far, peter, as to who might run for that spot? >> reporter: nobody has publicly come out and said that they want to replace jackson jr., but the former congresswoman debbie halvorson who lost to jackson in a primary this year has not ruled out another run. but she has said this: >> i hate to use the word "lie," but every step of the way, every time he said something it turned out not to be the case. >> reporter: and with jackson out, the republican majority in congress grows ever so slightly. there are now 241 republicans in the house and 192 democrats. rick? rick: peter doocy in d.c.,
9:25 am
thanks. heather: so take a look at this image. pretty much says it all. a partial poster of twinkie the kid, oh, that's kind of sad. and a sign that said closed permanently. just one of the hostess facilities shuttered for good, this after a judge gave his preliminary approval for the liquidation of the company that makes twinkies and wonder bread, hoe hoes and ding dongs as well. the decision coming after mediation talks failed to resolve differences over wage and benefit concessions. rick: are you a 2006 key or a ding dong -- twinkie or a ding dong girl? [laughter] heather: there's a loaded question. i'm a fried twinkie kind of girl, 'cuz i'm from the south. rick: coming up, an american chain store shot down after trying to opt out of the contraception mandate for religious reasons. plus, walmart employees protesting the retail giant on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
9:26 am
what you need to know before you head out the door for black friday. stick around. >> this is chaplain norman, i am here at bob clark, afghanistan. i am from newport news, virginia, and i am with 133 3bct at fort campbell, kentucky. i just wanted to truly wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and a special shout out to my precious wife and my family back home in virginia. but before i leave, i want to say one thing: have an attitude of gratitude. ♪ ?
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you think that fox news will sue you if one player connects to his neck when you booking sufficient to fox news
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jon: for a new stories coming up this thanksgiving hour. along the israel and gaza
9:30 am
border. the u.s. secretary of ate hillary clinton in negotiating the agreement between israel and hamas with the help of the egyptians. will the cease-fire hold? we will talk about it. also, the second serial killer arrested in new york city. he is accused of murdering three people. plus, a u.s. soldier makes it back home with a big surprise for his girlfriend this thanksgiving. the heartwarming story you won't want to miss. jenna: a big american retailer in a health care law. hobby lobby denying their request to block the controversial contraceptive mandate. hobby lobby does not want to provide its employees with insurance that covers the morning after pill. angela mcgowan is a fox news political analyst and ryan clayton is a democratic consultant and they join us on this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving.
9:31 am
>> should every american, including business owners, should they be able to have health care without forfeiting their privileges believes? >> hobby lobby is not a religious organization. but they have talked about biblical principles. yes, every american should be able to have prosperity without forsaking religious beliefs. heather: the government puts appellants to an impossible choice. either give up or pay millions in fines. is that what this comes down to? >> we really need to look at this from the perspective of the parents and women who are having children. parents should be in control of
9:32 am
how many children they have in this country. not a boss in america -- it seems like someone to let the boss make that decision for them. you know, deciding to have children and want to have them is one of the most important impactful decisions and no one should have that decision dictated to them by a distant government agency. >> this is not dictating to their female employees when they should have children or if they should have children or how many children they should have. you cannot compare this company to china. they do not want women to have the morning after pill or any kind of abortion inducing drug. i think that they should have that right. they believe that conception happens right when the sperm meets the egg, they should be able to give health insurance. >> let me correct you. a country founded on religious freedom, that's why we came here.
9:33 am
you don't have the right to force your employees to abide by your religious principles. no doubt that this man has some employees that are jewish or handy. but he doesn't have the right to mandate that they don't practice their faith or fire them for having that religion. heather: as enzo pointed out, this is not something new for this company. they have practiced their christian belief by closing on sunday. they contribute big amounts of money to other organizations and they choose to not carry certain merchandise that they believe is against their beliefs. an employee going to apply for a job at a company party knows what the company stands for. can they choose not to work their? >> that is true. they can encourage people not to shop there. i would also say that here in america, where we live in religious freedom, you have the right to practice religion worrywart and to make decisions that you feel like that for you.
9:34 am
you can act against the interests of the stockholders by making this decision on the ground. >> but it isn't gaining upon the owner's freedom of religion and he should not be forced to give employees insurance that he does not believe in. he will give them health insurance, but he does not want to pay for them to have access to abortion inducing drugs. >> if you are so pro-life, let's have a real conversation about this? ryan, i'm not answering your question. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] two if you believe in preserving life, let's have a conversation about something we can agree on. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> you can filibuster me all you want to. heather: let's bring the topic back to what's at hand. that is the company and whether they should be forced to supply what they deemed to be against their religious beliefs or pay
9:35 am
huge potential penalties and fines. talking about fines of up to 1.3 million per day, penalties of about 26 million and private lawsuits if the law stands. and the companies do not provide the type of contraception that its owners consider abortion inducing. i would ask you, how is that not the precise predicament that religious liberty laws exist to prevent, enormous government pressures to violate sincere religious believes? >> well, what i say is that those laws and principles are for religious institutions, which are specifically exempted in obamacare. what i would say is that obamacare guarantees millions of americans access to quality health care in this country, including contraceptive coverage for women. that's a good thing. years from now, obamacare is still going to be the law of the land, and that's a good thing
9:36 am
for millions of americans. they need to get contraceptive coverage. >> you think that the 13,000 employees will still have a job? basically, obamacare expands government and government waste government spending. heather: okay, thank you very much. angela and ryan, on this thanksgiving day. are we thankful we can debate this issue? okay, goodbye. jon: let's talk turkey here. what is on your cable? we are hearing about the menu for thanksgiving dinner this evening. let's go down the list here. ham and corn bread and stuffing and they are also having oyster stuffing and macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and then dessert.
9:37 am
because you can't just talk about dinner. listen to this rundown. we had have banana cream pie, apple cream pie, huckleberry piatt, i don't even know what that is, and cherry pie. >> it's made from huckleberry. >> do we have huckleberries around your? >> they are a little better. the macaroni and cheese is my favorite. >> the oyster stuffing sounds good. heather: all that sounds good. people are calling it the black friday creek. the store is not waiting until midnight open their doors. some are opening for bargains on thanksgiving day, and there are a lot of mixed opinions about that. >> holiday shopping has arrived at a whole new level, whether it is this or that or sparkle.
9:38 am
not for black friday, but the thanksgiving day. open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. target and wal-mart and kmart. all of them open on thursday. >> i think that's fine. if people want to shop on thanks giving, let them do so. >> if you want to go shopping, that's okay. >> @-at-sign. at the grocery store is going to be open as well? remount you can go on friday if you want. >> if you are one of the people that thinks about shopping on thanksgiving day and says, good grief, you can blame your neighbors. the stories tell us what the customers wanted this. >> we have gone through and talked with some of our customers and the feedback has been about the most flexible shopping season. >> we are told that thursday deals will look like black friday bargains.
9:39 am
claude says no matter the price, it's tough on employees. >> everything fluctuates as it is. one day you're in at 5:00 o'clock, you are taken away from your family with your schedule there. to do it on a holiday is even worse in some said they will not be employees or customers on thanksgiving day. >> eating my turkey than i mashed potato. >> that was been reporting out of montgomery county, maryland. 150 million people are expected to do some shopping whether online or in the stores. are you included on that? me either. >> i don't know who would go shopping tonight. after a whole thanksgiving meal, all i want to do is go to bed. >> i think it has become part of some people's tradition. they enjoy the crowd. >> coming up next, the fight over a 60 year tradition.
9:40 am
atheist going over a nativity scene. getting folks to very angry. the city canceled all displays altogether, including the nativity scene. the judge upholding that end the legal battle far from over. and plus you think this would be the time of year that a turkey would want to dodge people. but not this guy. what may explain a turkey love when we come back.
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9:43 am
>> happening now, church groups after a judge upholds a city ban on city parks of nativity scenes. that was not until atheist wanted to put up their displays as well. after dealing with the headache of trying to please everybody, the santa monica city council banned them all. basically the judge said that the city was in the right to be able to ban all of these scenes because it affects everybody equally. it is not just focusing on of nativity scenes and christians, it is everybody. >> yes, that is the position
9:44 am
that the courts will take in this situation. are we treating anyone eat differently? is one group being discriminated against. you know, it is unfortunate that this is the result. everyone turns toward the first amendment. what it says is that the government shall make no law establishing religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. now they can't do it because it is really not with the religious spirit of this country and all that. >> this legitimate game here, what they did, a lot of people have phony permits. the intention was to overwhelm the city of santa monica, and that's exactly what happened. >> i know you guys know that for 50 some years, you have this to
9:45 am
be seen. then they wanted to do this. then, as he just said, they overwhelmed it and got 18 out of the 21 displays. so then the lawsuit was brought forward and, of course, it is the content of the material. as he said, the city said we've had enough and we are banning everybody. >> we have about a minute and a half left. moving forward, this is a judge that has made her decision. what other remedies are available to the christian group that wants to continue that tradition? >> one of the interesting arguments you might be able to make here, i don't know how far we will go legally, is that the atheist are monopolizing this process. it's not a fair process that they're going in. and i think of the irony here of it is that if you look at the argument of the atheist through the years, particularly with
9:46 am
these pro-activist atheist groups. they have criticized religion as saying that it is divisive and volatile and leads people into this irrational purpose. they have become as fervor and in their stance against religion in their promotion of religion. in taking this what i think is in an irrational approach, they have really become what they have despised, and it's unfortunate for everyone as we enter the holiday season. >> if you are representing the christian group and you are going to figure out someone of appeal here, what is your strategy? >> well, the problem is the chronology for this year. we go past the holidays, unless you get some really quickly expedited appeal. but the argument, i look a little bit of this thing, and it's simply that, you know, it promotes entailment of the
9:47 am
message. the atheist message -- and therefore we want equal rights of display. >> this has been such a long tradition. it is such a shame. running up against the clock as well. thank you, gentlemen. happy thanksgiving. heather: we want your opinion on this. you would think that this time of year, a turkey would lay low. but not this guy. he or she, a familiar sight in glendale, wisconsin. take a look at this. the turkey likes to follow people around. >> wildlife experts say this is unusual, but it's possible that this turkey started it imprinted
9:48 am
with humans as a hatchling or maybe just identifies more with people. >> he is a very gray bird. when we come back, mammograms could actually misdiagnose about a million women. doctors are here with the take. and are you looking for the perfect christmas tree? check this one out. it is solid gold, and wait until you hear the price tag. . bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> we told you earlier about this pile up. each herbal chain reaction taking place in jefferson county, texas, on thanksgiving day. it is now growing in size. more than 80 people are injured
9:52 am
right now. 140 different vehicles involved, and you can see what looks like a tractor-trailer semi and a kind of a band that people would use to travel around. it shut down the entire interstate. it started around 8:00 o'clock this morning. it is just getting worse. no one has been reported hurt as of yet. >> a controversial study on breast cancer and mammograms. it claims that mammograms cause more than 1 million women to be treated for cancers that would not been fatal. some experts are calling the study junk science. the chief officer for the american cancer society says that the study should be viewed with caution and he stands by the recommendation that women over 40 years old should get regular mammograms.
9:53 am
thank you for joining us today. >> it's my pleasure. happy thanksgiving. my first question is an obvious one. what should women take away from this study? >> well, you know, i do agree. what happened -- this is a study that is very similar to several years ago when the u.s. prevented a task force and said that women should not give mammogrammammogram s even though back in 2002, they said that they should. the reason is they said that they are not saving enough. only one in 1900 women are prevented by mammograms in their 40s. this study is saying that it is taking us such small tumors that we don't know what these tumors will be fatal or legal. there is something called ductal carcinoma and what happens with that is that it never really spreads beyond.
9:54 am
but it's a very difficult thing. when you tell a woman that she may have a tumor, you know, she wants it out. it is very similar to what is going on with men and prostate cancer. it is picking up something so small, this may not be the thing that kills you. they found that it didn't pick up enough advanced tumors over the 30 years we have been doing mammograms. i feel it is very confusing for women. my take is how do they know that the reason is not taking of picking up advanced tumors is because we are picking up small tumors. >> i would ask you, what is the difference? how do you tell the difference between a cancer that will be harmful and illegal versus one that is harmless? >> that is the excellent 1 million-dollar question. that is where the research needs to be. we need to look at these tumors to be able to identify them genetically and say that this is a very invasive tumor.
9:55 am
this watchful waiting, if we can say that the genes of those tumor don't look very serious, let's watch it in six months or three months and what happens. you know, i think that some have been criticized because they are overselling mammograms, some are saying they are over in diagnosing too much. but if you have something better and you are telling them, you know, check early, early detection, i kind of agree with the american cancer society. you need to do the biopsies and find out what is going on. then i think we need more hard science looking at what tumors advance more and what are more series tumors. >> the study does show that if
9:56 am
you had to pick a cancer, which one is better to pick? >> you know, everyone is fearful of breast cancer. the number one killer in women with heart disease. there are so many other cancer deaths on the rise, even in women than that are non-smokers like lung cancer and colon cancers. breast cancer -- there are some advanced cases of it. but a lot of breast cancers, women do very well with five year follow-up, they can be cancer free it comes back, sometimes in 10 or 15 years. in essence, breast cancer is a little bit, in general, if you're looking at all cancers, if you are the one cancer death of 1900, people are not statistics. >> absolutely. >> absolutely counts for you.
9:57 am
this is making it hard for women, and i morning that insurance is not going to cover it. if you look at mammograms in medical tests, it's relatively cheap. but still, women of no mean will still be at rest that's not covered. >> i am so glad we heard from her or not. the election was a bitter battle costing billions of dollars. but to get the bad taste out of your mouth, larry joins us to talk about what we should be thankful for when it comes to the political world. and egypt's muslim brotherhood. the cease-fire deal betweend evf israel and hamas. we have that coming up next. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> more breaking news and developing stories on a brand-new hour on "happening now." >> a new holiday spending bonanza. americans are feeling more confident about our economy. will lead to the great of growth, and what could set us back? >> also, an arrest in a string of murders in new york city connected to one gunman. what we are learning about the man that police in new york city say was poised to strike again. and a large bird crashes through the cockpit plane of this airport. details of the scare in the air for the pilot and passengers.
10:01 am
it's all "happening now." >> but first, the cease-fire truce may be fragile, but it appeals to be holding. i am heather childers in for jenna lee. >> and i am rick scott in for jon scott. with egypt's president mohammed morsi, it is a big test for the new leader. steve harrigan is live in cairo. some are saying that mohammed morsi is the real winner here. you have all sides facing the same person. americans giving him high marks for his mediation, even some
10:02 am
israeli officials praising the president. as far as the mediation goes, there were some concerns about which direction he would say, a long-term member of the muslim brotherhood and a public sympathizer of hamas. and in the end, he worked closely with u.s. officials about that days of violence. he had all those conversations with president obama. >> we are wondering. he is trying to change the constitution and give themselves more power. what can you tell us about that? >> some dramatic developments which have just occurred in the last hours, and we have had four days of protests. they could be extremely large tomorrow. what the egyptian president has done is basically said that no one can overrule any of his
10:03 am
decrees since he became president in june. not even the courts. he also said any of those guilty for killing protesters in masters revolution, they would be retried. president mohammed morsi on the heels of this mediation, now making as what many see a power grab, which means more violence here in cairo. rick: thank you so much, steve. heather: mike emanuel is live at the white house. how are officials reacting so far? >> they are recognizing that things could fall apart at any time and they are looking at president obama speaking in
10:04 am
devising secretary clinton that she would be sent to the middle east. on the phone with egypt's president, mohammed morsi, have you heard from steve harrigan has been a key player in this. >> the united states will work with partners across the region to consolidate this project and improve conditions to the people of gaza, provide security for the people of israel. >> they all recognize that it does not take much in the middle east for violence to clear up again. heather: what has this is revealed on the president's agenda? >> here we are, even before the president has his second inauguration and the middle east crisis has consumed a lot of time and energy. all eyes turned to the american president for leadership.
10:05 am
the rockets are starting to be launched again in the middle east. people are getting killed once again. they will be looking to the white house and to president obama for leadership on the issue, and i can certainly take time and energy away from some of the other priorities for his second term. >> what we know about what the president is doing today? >> we learned that he called service members who are deployed overseas to thank them for their service and their sacrifice in which their families a happy thanksgiving. yesterday we saw seniors and young people and the president shaking hands, asking folks how they are doing and we got a loo at the white house many for thanksgiving and it has six different types of pies. you can guess that the war first family will work in a little bit of workout time. heather: pies for thanksgiving, you covered it all. thank you so much.
10:06 am
>> thank you. rick: the american people have survived another election season. regardless whether your candidates won or lost, there are a number of political things that all americans can be painful for. good to see you, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to you as well. >> you just stole the number one thing i'm grateful for, which is we no longer have to mute the commercials when they come on. the negative ads will be back. >> i note you must be very grateful. because you guys almost dodged a thousand on this prediction season. >> i told people that after the election, we only needed a minor tuneup and it only cost 999 because we had the herman cain discount. >> all right, a lot of people
10:07 am
are still smarting after november 6. some people are still celebrating. we all have aside from the political ads going away that we can be grateful for politically speaking? >> well, i think we can be grateful that the election didn't come down to florida. because otherwise we would be waiting for the results if it was part of the indication. i am just kidding for all of my friends. >> i know you have improve the system. you're right. >> that is one thing, anyway. i think another thing that we can be grateful for, but we are only getting three holes a day instead of three holes a minute. that is what we were getting on average are in the political season. now you can really sit down and you can read the polls and you can enjoy them. being inundated with all the numbers. >> let me ask you a little bit off-topic. but as far as the polling is concerned, postelection analysis
10:08 am
about why so many pollsters were so wrong. do you think that the next election cycle, we would learn anything from this year that would help us get more accurate and better polling? >> oh, absolutely. you know, people sometimes call me a professor and i am an eternal student. i am always learning. i think that is true of the professionals in polling. we learned something, we learn a lot of things from every election campaign. there were major problems with some this year. the pollsters have learned from it. i think that next time, probably this will be better, but i am an eternal optimist, and it's thanksgiving. >> can i ask you, is there anything to be grateful for in the fact that we still have a divided government? is that a blessing in disguise? >> absolutely. it is often attributed incorrectly to winston churchill, the phrase that the american system is the worst
10:09 am
possible system except all the others. but it's still true. we have, thanks to our founders, power divided at all levels. it is divided and checked from the president right on down to the state legislatures. so when bad things happen, they can be reversed, and most of the bad things we imagine happening never happen at all. i am very grateful for the american people, and let's point out that there are only 1440 days until the next presidential election. >> we can start looking towards the midterms that are coming out. >> that's true. that's exactly right. that's another thing to be grateful for. >> i mean a lot of these lawmakers, pages one the election or the reelection on a couple of weeks ago, they have already started fundraising for the next one. >> the next campaign starts within 24 hours of the end of the last one. that is the way it has really always been in america, even
10:10 am
though outside the television age, we did not recognize it as such. that's the way our system works. the only thing worse than all of these politics the absence of politics. think about what it would mean for our system not have the politics. >> we are grateful to you for being such a good friend to fox and sharing your insight and wisdom. enjoy the holiday. our best wishes go to you and your family. >> same to you. thank you so much. >> it never ends. less than 24 hours into a fragile cease-fire between israel and gaza militants, thousands amassed along the border with gaza. hamas brags about victory. some disappointing news for anyone planning to visit a major landmark in the near term. what we are learning about lady liberty dad at this holiday season.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
rick: russia is warning nato against going patriot missiles near turkey's border with syria. they requested the support as fighting has begun to spill over into the territory. >> you can see this here on the border city, captured by the
10:14 am
syrian rebels. armed groups and syrian government forces, targeting rebels and aleppo. fifteen people, including four children were killed. it also leveled a building in the hospital already suffering from six previous airstrikes. heather: israel and hamas claiming victory as the cease-fire appears to be holding. it keeps israel from deploying ground forces were targeting hamas leaders. it is stopping palestinians from launching rocket attacks. but both sides say they are ready to resume fighting if the deal breaks down. how likely is the cease-fire took hold? let's bring in colonel tony shirker. he is part of the center of advanced studies and an author of a great book.
10:15 am
>> thank you for coming to join a. >> you're welcome. heather: happy thanksgiving as well. how long is this truce to hold? >> this was started when you had the palestinian authority becoming an authority. these rocket started in 2005. really, i don't have a lot of faith in this current event. an egyptian sponsored truths resulted in a very quick return to the rockets being fired into israeli territory over the fall of 2009. -- i'm sorry, 2008. we have to look at the history. based on the fact that we have been here before, i am really hoping that the egyptians to have who have to play the key role in this do actually do what's necessary to facilitate this. without them it will not work. >> that's what i was going to ask you. in 2008, what do you think will
10:16 am
be different this time around? >> well, what's different is, i think, president mohammed morsi has been a peacekeeper in some of his own words, which i believe are contributed to the issue. hamas is considered a terrorist organization. any time you have a mission to destroy the israeli state as part of your governors, you have a problem. we are still not there by the essence of what hamas is trying to accomplish, it cannot be accomplished without bloodshed further within the context of what they are trying to accomplish. we are not there yet, we are not even close to being there yet. as long as a terrorist organization wishes to continue to use violence as a method of obtaining the political goals in the united states is not negotiating with terrorist organizations, which is why we had to get egypt involved. what part of these negotiations continue to support the israeli
10:17 am
military financially? what about our role in forward? >> i think that we will see ourselves continue to see the role we've always played. from camp david until now. we have tried to be a very clear piece maker and help her. i think most people would not want to see military force. we are going to throw money out there, both sides are promising additional funds that the egyptians cannot have a not survive. what you are seeing is frankly -- we promise both sides more money. we promise support technology wise and worst case scenario, coming to their aid. and we said you need to find more ways to be helpful. and that is what, i think that's what both sides are encouraged to do right now. the question is will the egyptians be able to sustain the scores, and will the iranians to stay out of this as well.
10:18 am
they are funding the hamas missiles. they are playing a big role behind the scenes. and that is obviously one of our big concerns that they have a nuclear program that has been this administration's policy to look into and support. heather: that is my next question. what if the truce doesn't hold, and then what would happen with the wrong? >> the iranians have been bragging, as i understand, supplying these high-tech rockets, these telephone full-size rockets. >> they could reach into jerusalem? >> absolutely. the iron dome, it helps defend against other rockets of other countries when we decide to put up our own capabilities. with that being said, it doesn't change the fact you have folks behind the scenes doing bad things. acting in bad will and bad faith. so what do we do? when push comes to shove, there will be an option where you have the syrians coming of the iranians, you have the
10:19 am
egyptians. all of them i do not believe are playing on the up and up. you take a more severe and aggressive role? i think it if it doesn't work, we will have to look at more hard options. >> thank you so much for joining us. once again, happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, you, too. rick: coming up, after a quick break, a string of murders in new york city. we will tell you what we are learning about john doe duffel bag. and people lining up their cash saving deals already. we have the black friday forecast. and a soldier coming home just in time for the holiday. a reunion that caught his girlfriend by surprise. but first, a message from overseas. >> i just want to give a shout out to my loving fiancée and mother it and father and everybody at home. happy thanksgiving. [ whistle blows ]
10:20 am
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rick: a fox news alert. taking you to jefferson county, texas. keeping an eye on this for a while, as you can see. it looks like three separate cars a pile of separated by a few hundred cars. if the camera were to pull back, you might be able to see that. we are not aware of any fatalities, but there are a number of injuries, about 80 people have been taken to area hospitals. about 140 different vehicles of all shapes and sizes involved in this crash. we are told that emergency workers are still on the ground there, trying to find injured people who still may be trapped in their vehicles.
10:24 am
this thanksgiving day, a horrific sight, thankfully this point, no one has been killed. of course, we will keep our eye on the situation in texas and bringing more information as we get it. >> and it does look like traffic is moving in the opposite direction. and police believe that this 63-year-old man was sent to kill. but they busted him after he was captured on surveillance video, leaving the scene of the most recent murder. john has the story of our fox affiliate. >> why did you do that? >> he said nothing as the detectives led him from the street in brooklyn tonight. >> the shooting deaths of three local merchants. after he made statements
10:25 am
implicating himself and asked for the 22 caliber will write for use in the slayings, it was recovered from his duffel bag. at the subject's girlfriend's apartment. >> is caught on surveillance camera carrying this duffel bag. the latest shooting on friday night, hence the name, john doe duffel bag. many were closing their stores at the time and shot at point weight range. the stores were within 4 miles of each other. >> we also recovered a box of rifle ammunition. and an empty magazine and a 12-inch kitchen knife with dried blood on it. >> police and witnesses say that he was trying to sell women's clothing at various locations. he lived in his home in beverly
10:26 am
avenue in staten island. the yard, overgrown with weeds, for sale signs out front, we'll call the number. >> have reached the voicemail box of [inaudible name] reporter: they lit up the street from him and they see him carry a black duffel bag before. >> you see him carry that duffel bag around. i have seen him walk all the way down the street with the big black duffel bag and he would just go and unlock the gate and then he would just go into the house. >> thank you to john hadi of our affiliate for that report. >> disappointing news for those planning a trip to the statue of liberty or ellis island. both sides will stay closed until lease the end of the year. that is because of damage sustained during superstorm sandy. the statue of liberty did not
10:27 am
receive much damage, thankfully, but the docs and a brick, nod and other facilities on liberty island were heavily affected. a new projected reopening date has not yet been announced. >> those closures are nothing compared to the human suffering in the wake of sandy. one queens woman is working hard to help those victims. she and her children are standing out pizza slices every day. in the hardest hit neighborhoods. it is an operation that she has done, pizza patrol, and the storm victims could not be more grateful. >> you know, thank you so much, vanessa. thank you. i am actually very hungry right now. this really helps. >> just the things that is written on their faces, it is humbling. also, to see people say no, i'll just take one flight so that someone next to me can have a
10:28 am
flight also. those kindnesses amongst the victims of the hurricanes is inspiring. heather: giving discounts on the dozens of fires that she purchases every day. she hopes her actions will inspire others to help out their neighbors as well. >> the new report says american confidence is on the upswing. this despite unemployment remaining high. it seems to be a bit of a disconnect there and job creation growing. there is nothing that the tourists are no longer allowed to do while visiting the city's ancient sites. here is a hint, don't, hungry, and a dramatic emergency landing after a large bird crashes into the cockpit window. look at that. what the pilot and passengers had to endure before they made it safely back to the ground
10:29 am
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rick: and happy thanksgiving from our fox family to yours. and while millions of americans may have already reached their holiday destinations, a lot of people are getting ready to venture out right about now. so what does the weather have in store? violet has the very latest. >> reporter: hello. happy thanksgiving, rick. rick: happy thanksgiving to you. what's it looking like out there? >> overall, mother nature actually being pretty kind across the northeast. high pressure certainly in control here, so not only are folks across the northeast getting in on a nice amount of sunshine, but temperatures not looking too bad either, currently in the mid 50s all across the board, so running right around normal, if not a couple of dee -- degrees above.
10:33 am
a cold front producing some wet weather, overall not looking too impressive on the radar. showers moving through iowa and parts of missouri as well with another batch of showers now moving through south dakota, advancing through minnesota. some snow has also developed across the extreme northern nld rude awe -- right along that border with canada. generally remaining well north of the minneapolis area. now, more than anything this frontal boundary is separating into very different air masses. temperatures for today into the 30s across the high plains versus nearly 70s over toward the st. louis area. omaha broke a record high yesterday by reaching 72 degrees, by tomorrow they're only looking at high into the 30s. as that disturbance continues eastward, that'll spread snow and trigger some lake effect snow towards superior, lake superior through friday. meanwhile, nose of you -- those of you braving those black
10:34 am
friday lines, an umbrella will be a must in parts of tennessee. rick: violeta, happy holidays. >> reporter: likewise. heather: now, before the turkey can be carved, people are lining up to score the hot deals on black frild, and here are just a few of the scenes in parking lots near you. in pennsylvania, diehard shoppers have been camping out for three nights now at best buy, if you can believe it, and shoppers started pitching their tents on monday in ohio hoping to get their hands on those doorbuster deals including a 40-inch tv, and if you're in the market, rick, for less than $200. rick: wow. heather: further south in texas folks also lined up, some say that they sympathize, though, with employees who have to leave their families to open up the stores. others, they're just happy that the deals are to be had. >> [inaudible] >> they have families. i think the consumer, we can understand. you've got a family, thursday
10:35 am
just stay home. open the stores later that night, people still gonna come out and shop. heather: some stores are actually opening up at 8 or 10:00 tonight, that causing some controversy. rick: well, good news on consumer confidence as folks prep for the shopping frenzy. a new report finds more americans believe the economy is on an upward climb now than at anytime in the past decade. this even as unemployment remains stubbornly high. so what's the disconnect? steve moore is senior economics writer for "the wall street journal", he's author of who's the fairest of them all. happy thanksgiving, steve. >> you too, rick. i'll be out there tonight. i guarantee you with my family at the walmarts and the targets. [laughter] rick: i mean, i don't want to make fun of people who go out and try to get their deals, camping out in front of best buy. >> it's a thanksgiving tradition, rick, come on, get with the program. [laughter] rick: can we glean anything from that, a sign of consumer confidence? people out there, there was a
10:36 am
survey that said people are expecting to spend more this holiday year. >> yeah. you know, there are some signs of a little bit of an uptick in the unemployment -- i mean, in the consumer confidence levels. but you're right, it kind of conflicts with what we're seeing with the unemployment numbers which haven't been so good. but i do think people feeling a little more upbeat. obviously, this is a good time to happen because today starts the big christmas shopping season. a lot of this confidence, as you know, rick, you and i have talked about this, this depends a lot on what we do in washington over the next few weeks with this looming fiscal cliff. rick: i want to talk to you more about the negotiations over the fiscal cliff in a second, but as far as the consumer confidence part of it goes -- >> yeah. rick: -- where do you think that's coming from? is it just because the election's over in people naturally sort of start or to feel a little more confident no matter who wins? >> yeah, that's exactly right. people kind of happy all the negative advertising, i live in
10:37 am
virginia, we were just deluged with negative ads against obama and romney and all the candidates for month after month, and now you're getting a little sense of relief that we're back to normalcy. rick: you know, okay. so the role that consumer confidence can play, because i remember talking to you, gee, must have been like 2009, and the president had just taken office, and the economy was really on a downward slide. >> right. rick: and consumer confidence was low, and a lot of people like you said that that was contributing to the slide, the fact that people had such anxiety about the economy. so conversely, if people are starting to feel good about things, what kind of a role can that have in our overall recovery which has been so sort of slow up to this point? >> well, it's a great point, rick. i mean, there is a kind of psychology do this economy. if people are feeling gloomy and afraid, they're not going to go out and spend. so the fact that people are feeling -- by the way, i don't want to overemphasize this
10:38 am
because, you know, these numbers on consumer confidence, as you know, they bump up and down. but i think right now people just feeling a little bit better. but it does go back to that issue of the fiscal cliff. you notice what's happened on the stock market. every time it looks like they're going to get around this problem, the stock market booms. every time the negotiations stall, the stock market loses value. so everybody's going to be paying very close attention to this. rick: how optimistic are you, steve, on the chances of a deal on the fiscal cliff, and if there is a deal, what could that mean for the economy as a whole? >> well, you know, i think at the optimal outcome is not to raise taxes on anybody. i do think that if the president has his way and those taxes go up on investors and businesses, it's hard to see where the jobs are going to come from next year. as you know, we still have over 20 million people without a full-time job. so i think getting around this crisis in a way where everybody agrees not to raise taxes on anybody, we go into 2013, maybe that could be the year. and, boy, what a great christmas present this would be, if we
10:39 am
actually throw out the tax system and start over. i mean, this is my, this is my new year's wish, that we could junk this tax system, get something that's pro-growth, that creates jobs for every american who wants a job. rick: so on a scale of 1-10, how optimistic are you that we're going to yet a deal like that in. >> oh, i think we will get a deal. it could take a while. you and i could be talking on christmas eve, but i think they will get a deal, and i've got my fingers crossed that taxes don't go up on anyone. rick: steve moore, enjoy the holiday with your wife and three sons. nice to talk to you. heather: i want to know what he's buying at wal-mart or target -- rick: he was joking. heather: i don't know, i think he's going to be out there with the crowd. well, tense moments for passengers aboard a plane after a large bird crashes right through the can co-pilot's window forcing the plane to turn around. listen. >> i mean, we see birds out there all the time, and i've never seen one approach the plane or anything like that. i've heard about this kind of
10:40 am
thing, but i've never seen it before. >> everyone's okay, and they landed safely, and so the pilot, yeah, did an awesome job. heather: the pilot was safely able to land the plane. the passengers, who were on their way to the island of nantucket, they were able to catch a different flight. there were no serious injuries except for the bird, as you can imagine, who did not survive the impact. [laughter] rick: he had it coming. rereally did. all right, tourists heading to rome about to get a surprise as the ancient city tries to preserve its most historic sites by banning eating. amy kellogg is live in london. nice to see you, happy thanksgiving. i know italy is known for its food and sites, and people trying to combine both, so what's the point of this? >> reporter: yeah. the point, rick, really is to keep the eternal city eternally lovely. and i have to say it's not just the tourists, rick, or those who go to rome to eat, pray, love who are complaining. there was sort of a flash mob
10:41 am
last month of italians who were wielding panini -- italian sandwiches -- and they rushed the steps of the city hall. of course, rome doesn't frown upon food, it's just now frowning upon the consumption of food on or around important monuments. and that's sort of a difficult thing to enforce in a city that's brimming with food shops. but it's serious business. the fine for, um, sort of having your lunch right around one of the important mown units like the trevi fountain can range the equivalent of $35-$650. it's interesting, other italian cities have similar regulations, we just don't hear about them anymore, and the country is full of obscure fuels you might not have heard -- obscure rules you might not have heard about. for example, the wearing of clog shoes is banned on the island of capri, and the building of sand
10:42 am
castles on some beaches. rick: so i'm going to leave my clog at home when i go to capri. seriously, though, these cities are full of tourists, i mean, rome -- how do you even lettourn place? how can police even begin to enforce this? >> reporter: well, the sense that i'm getting or the word that i'm getting from italy from different sources and, actually, when this had just been unveiled when i was there last, i asked about it, and the police said we're not going to go after the person having a discreet yes last toe and moving along. we have in our sights those who want to spread out a picnic at the base of the trevi fountain. i think that the key is that if you move along and you are fairly discreet and fairly neat, you're probably not going to get fined. and i think, frankly, even the offenders who have what appears to be food and drink, i mean, it seems people who have food and drink in hand are the ones the police are going after.
10:43 am
at this point they're sort of chasing them away, giving warnings, but they are approaching them. so i guess this law is getting a bit of publicity, so maybe tourists will be hearing about it that way. if not, they certainly will be approached if they are choosing to eat tear lunch at an important monument by police. so this is a new law. i think the story is yet to play itself fully out, but it is sort of interesting since rome is known almost as much for its food as it is for its beautiful monuments. rick? rick: amy kellogg live in london, nice to see you, amy. heather: for those of us in new york city k they have a 20-ounce soda though? rick: no supersized -- heather: can they in rome? wielding paninis. [laughter] we now know how excited football fans can be, but it looks like these guys got a little out of hand. the brawl that sent dozens from the bar to behind bars. and this soldier made it home just in time for thanksgiving, but it's what
10:44 am
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should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. talk to your doctor today about androgel 1.62% so you can use less gel. log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. rick: well, there are american football fans, and then there are european football, aka soccer, fans. and here's what can happen when you mix a little too much alcohol with a little too much football across the pond. a popular pub trashed between fans ahead of a big match,
10:47 am
hadn't even played yet. at least one person reportedly stabbed, seven people winding up in the hospital. the fight lasted about 20 minutes, dozens of people were detained. heather: and they hadn't even played the game yet. well, a heartwarming homecoming for a soldier and his girlfriend. james dellano reunited with the love of his life at a phoenix airport, and if that's not enough to make you smile, what happened after that surely will. jill, with our fox affiliate in phoenix, has the story. >> reporter: she has no idea that this ring is here. getting this engagement ring to the airport wednesday was no easy task. private first class james dellano ordered it while he was in afghanistan. >> he picked it out from zales, ordered it and had it sent to her cousin who brought it to me. >> reporter: no clue what was about to happen. >> i'm excited to see him coming home. >> reporter: okay.
10:48 am
so dellano's plane just landed. his mother went back to the gate to give him the ring. samantha is standing right behind us. she thinks we're doing a story on soldiers returning home for thanksgiving, but little does she know everybody here knows he's going to be proposing to her as soon as he walks through that area. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: after a long embrace, the soldier pops the question. >> i have a question for you. >> reporter: we were told early on samantha is training to be a sign language interpreter. he signs, will you marry me? she signs back, yes. and just to make sure, he asks again. >> will you marry me? >> yes. [cheers and applause] >> delano says they've talked about getting married before, even set a date, but he wanted the proposal to be special. >> and so i taught myself how to sign will you marry me, because i knew that she would know what
10:49 am
i was saying. >> reporter: and what did you think about that, seriously? >> it was horrible. >> i just want to spend the rest of my life with her. >> reporter: okay, let's see the ring. beautiful. heather: no sign language needed for that. rick: ahh. isn't that nice? heather: jill, thank you for reporting there. rick: congratulations. one of the most-photographed women in the world sharing some of her personal photographs with all of us, and we'll show them to you coming up next. plus, why nativity scenes are at the center of a court battle this holiday season. >> how you doing, everybody? my name is keyshawn beverly, i'm from the third brigade combat team, i just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and happy holidays, happy thanksgiving, merry christmas, you know? we do what we do for you guys, you know? we have to take these sacrifices, but when it all boils could be, it's all worth it. i love you and i love everything you do for us.
10:50 am
merry christmas, happy new year, god bless. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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10:53 am
rick: from in the spotlight to behind the lens. the duchess of cambridge showing off her own photography skills recently, releasing some snapshots of her recent trip to malaysia with her husband, prince william, of course. these are nice. most of the pictures taken at a rain forest. the duchess says photography is one of her favorite hobbies, and she has a knack for it. heather: she's pretty good. nice depth perception. rick: i like it. heather: i don't know what i'm talking about. [laughter] elaborate nativity scenes in california are now over all because of a fight between atheists and christians.
10:54 am
dominic di-natale is live more from los angeles with this. >> reporter: this is an incredible struggle that went from the spiritual to, quite frankly, the farcical. a u.s. district judge ruled that the dioramas that have been displayed every season for the past 55 years can no longer be erected. a coalition of churches responsibility for the 60 life-sized portrayals of the christmas story on administrative and environmental grounds finally winning over the judge saying those display boxes ruin the view at the palisades park which overlooks the ocean there, popular with a lot of visitor to the city. the city insists this is not about a war on religion. take a listen. >> we are, obviously, very pleased with the court's decision. it is a decision that we believe fully comports with existing constitutional law. >> there are multiple opportunities for all people, all individuals and all groups
10:55 am
to engage fully in their rights of free expression. this law does not change that. >> reporter: by that he means that churches can still spread the message in palisades park, and there are 12 other parks they can get a permit to display the die dioramas in. heather: if the churches were allowed to do this for years, why suddenly now? >> reporter: well, i think cities are basically getting fed up with getting sued over the problems of church and state. last year they turned out in the palisades with inflammatory anti-god messages and signs of tear own. one guy got totally sport and said he belonged to a religion and planned to erect an icon to his god, the great flying spaghetti monster. it got ridiculous. there were some petitions, that
10:56 am
the dioramas were causing a major admin headache. the church says it'll have a new home for the nativity soon. heather: dominic, only in los angeles. thank you. rick: well, today may be thanksgiving, but tomorrow a lot of folks will start buying their christmas trees. check out this one at a jewelry store in tokyo. yes, that tree is made of pure gold. it's covered in disney characters. it weighs 88 pounds and looks more like a wedding cake to me. heather: it does. rick: anyway, beautiful indeed. this christmas tree will set you back $4.2 million. heather: wow. that's your present right there. rick: wow, is right. a lot of presents for a lot of people. the store owner says given the high price of gold these days, it's a good deal. it really is, it's a bargain. the store does offer a scaled-down version, so you really have a choice. you could either go for the $2
10:57 am
million tree or the $200,000 tree. it's up to you, see? heather: yeah. i'll be putting up my $20 tree maybe this weekend. rick: very nice. i think a lot of people are going to be spending the thanksgiving weekend getting ready for the christmas holidays and putting up trees and -- heather: doing family stuff. and you had your family here. rick: yeah. two of my girls came to watch the parade. this is the first time this year that the macy's parade went down sixth avenue. they changed the route, and that's where our offices are, so i brought a couple of my kids in. it was fun. heather: it was great. coming up, black friday shoppers could be facing striking employees at wal-mart. workers waiting on a decision from the national labor relation board. we'll have a live update up next.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> breaking news in a brand-new hour m now. house speaker john boehner sending an ultimatum to the president saying his healthcare plan has to be on the table as congress works to avoid a fiscal cliff. >> a new report of the death of usama bin laden reveals shadowy details of the at-sea burial of the world's most wanted
11:01 am
terrorist. a cloud hanging over excited shoppers on black friday as workers at the nation's largest retailer get ready for a possible walkout on the busiest shopping day of the year. heather: we can see groups of walmart employees demanding higher pay and better benefits and urging employees to walk out if the demand are not met. with the national labor relations board holding off on a ruling until after thanksgiving, it looks like thousands of shoppers could see serious disruptions. james rosen live for us in our d.c. bureau. >> reporter: heather and rick, happy thanksgiving to you it's an unusual situation when walmart seeks protection from the national labor relations board. that agency was only handed this case last friday. federal investigators have been
11:02 am
deposing witnesses and reviewing documents in advance of a ruling on whether the picketing tomorrow at walmart stores should go forward or not. actions again walmart began in october with an apparent collaboration with the union and disaffected employees who call themselves our walmart. walmart filed an unfair labor practices claim on the grounds union is effectively trying to unionize walmart's workforce. unfair labor ...
11:03 am
>> if the employer fees you are worth more you will get more. for a lot of people complaining about their working conditions they are perfectly free 0 go out and find another job or start a company of their own. that's how the premarket works and should work. rick: the labor relations board is comprised of one republican and three democrats. heather: a protest outside of los angeles international airport yesterday left travelers stuck in a sea of picket lines on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> reporter: they came by the bus loads. hundreds of people chanting and marching down century boulevard causing delays and headaches for
11:04 am
people on the busiest travel day of the year. >> they blocked the traffic off and stopped everybody. >> this doesn't engender goodwill. i'm not happy with this particular union and their behavior. my friend is going to miss his flight because of this. i don't know why this has to be infringed on us. >> reporter: the protest was put on about it sei urgs it was support of workers at aviation safeguard. when we tried to find someone tha from that company taking part in the protest we had no such luck. >> reporter: do you work for aviation safeguard? >> no. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: do you work for aviation safeguard? >> no. >> you were bussed in? >> yes. >> reporter: aviation safeguard's employees told us they voted to get out of the union and they are not taking part in today's protests.
11:05 am
>> these people out there are not us. we voted this union out a year ago and now they are back again. >> they are say we don't have health insurance. i just had surgery a month sea go with the health insurance aviation safeguard provided with kaiser i didn't pay a dime. i have dental and visual. how are they speaking for me. >> why would the union go forward with this protest on the day before thanksgiving? >> we had to put this spotlight on the busiest day of the year to tell the southland community how vital we think it is to stand up for restoring the middle class. here is the problem. the employees held a news conference saying we don't support this protest. >> i think it's one of the most inseaso -- one ofthe most inside seen an employer do, offer $5
11:06 am
increase in wages if they signed away the union. >> reporter: that was gina silva, kttv in los angeles. >> reporter: fallout after the cease-fire in gaza ending 8 days of hamas rocket attacks and israeli air strikes. both sides declaring victory with israel saying it weakened a hamas. hamas saying it changed the rules of the game in that part of the world. >> the reason remains tense but the cease-fire is holding up. it's 24 hours in effect now. so far it's held with no major violations of that cease-fire and life is beginning to return to normal for the first time in eight days. children were seen out in the streets and not hiding in bomb shelters. most tellingly, israeli troops are beginning to move away from the gaza-israeli bored and
11:07 am
vehicles like armored personnel carrier and bulldozers are beginning to leave that area and some of the 40,000 israeli reservists called for a possible ground invasion are being released and sent home. so life is beginning to return to normal in that area and across israel. now, today hamas took the streets chanting celebratory chants. they say this was a huge victory for hamas in the fight against israel. in large part because they were able to get israel to concede as part of this cease-fire to ease the blockade around gaza. a major sticking point for the plains in gaza for a long time. this is in hamas' minds a huge victory. israel is claiming victory saying they took out and inflicted serious damage to hamas' leadership as part of this 8-day violence and war. the cost is staggering. more than 160 palestinians were killed and six israelis were killed as well.
11:08 am
and hundreds and millions of dollars in damage done across gaza and southern israel. the cleanup is beginning. the cease-fire is holding and there is still a lot of distrust went two groups. nobody thinks this is the last time violence will erupt between gaza and israel. and the prospect.for a long-term peace agreement seem far away. rick: conor powell on the ground in jerusalem. heather: susan vice defending her initial remarks on the benghazi terror attacks that left four americans dead. she says her comments were based on initial information from the intelligence communities. rice had said the attack grew out of a spontaneous protest fuels by an anti-muslim film. a statement that was quickly proven to be false. jennifer griffin live for us in washington. why are we hearing ambassador
11:09 am
rice now, more than 10 weeks after the attack. >> reporter: because it's increasingly clear the president wants to nominate her to be the next secretary of state despite strong republican objections from senators such as john mccain. >> i have great respects for nor mccain and his service to this country. i do think some of the statements he made about me have been unfounded. but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him. >> reporter: senator john mccain would like james clapper to return to capitol hill to explain why he told hem last week he did not know who changed the intelligence talking points. clapper's spokesman sean turner says it was clapper's own agency. >> when discussion the attacks against our facilities in benghazi i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me about it intelligence communities.
11:10 am
i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigation would give us the definitive answers. >> reporter: meanwhile the investigation into who killed four americans is stalled at best. reports from benghazi suggest the gunmen who were at the consulate are still freely roaming the streets and the national security chief was killed by three gunmen as he returned home from work. this libyan intelligence officer may have had information about who was behind the attack on ambassador chris steve, and the three others. >> none of us will rest and none of us will be satisfied until we have the answers and the terrorists responsible for this attack are brought to justice. heather: three libyan militants were handled over to libyan authorities the nights of the attack according to sources at the cia annex but we never heard
11:11 am
what happened to them nor were they ever apparently questioned by the fbi. in tunisia where the one suspects linked to the benghazi attacks is in prison, two tunisians in prison for their role on a second attack died in custody this week. we asked the state department if they were concerned about the safety of the suspected benghazi attacker and did not receive any answer. in fact they did not appear to know anything about the deathr death in the tunisian prison. >> when we come back, a developing story proving holiday travel can be dangerous. there is a pileup in texas that involved 140 different vehicles. there may still be people trapped in their vehicles. heather: rising food prizes may
11:12 am
have you paying for. but some analysts say you should be thankful while you can because next year can be even worse. >> here in afghanistan i would like to give a shoutout to my mother, happy thanksgiving, i love, mom, and i wish the best of luck to everyone in savannah, georgia. i love you guys. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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11:15 am
rick: a massive pileup in jefferson county, texas. there are 100 cars and trucks that are involved in this crash that occurred in dense fog. they say more than 80 people were injured. taken to area hospitals and emergency workers are still at this moment searching for victims that may be trapped inside of these vehicles. so far no deaths reported. as we learn more we'll pass it along. heather: the cease-fire in gaza solving the crisis there. but what about the larger foreign policy issue in the
11:16 am
middle east region? we have a former state department adviser and principle at d.c. international visor. resolving the immediate problem doesn't change the larger issue in the middle east. what in the immediate term does this mean for the obama administration and what in the long term? ite many important to consider -- it's important to understand this means iran is still on the march. why did hamas attack israel now? one objective was to draw israel into a broader war and get egypt to rescind its treaty with israel. and also giving it arms to attack israel. iran wants to put israel back on its heels and it wants to distract from its own nuclear
11:17 am
weapons program and the proxy war it's fighting in syria. it changed the topic. we still have a dangerous regime and dangerous ideology of islamicism, the chief proponents which is the iranian regime. nothing in this cease-fire addresses that unfortunately. heather: what about in terms of what this means in terms of our relationship with egypt moving forward? >> a lot of people see this as a positive development which is unfortunate. egypt still has an islamist government that won very narrowly 52-48. it's very anti-israel and anti-american. it talks about restoring the caliphate in jerusalem. they are ready to re -- they can
11:18 am
learn from pakistan that basically you can take u.s. foreign assistance and do whatever wants. in pakistan they take our billions every year and are waging a war against afghanistan. egypt will learn that trick, too. they are so close to their own revolution to have a full break with the u.s. heather: the arab spring is reverberating in syria, libya and beyond. what about the future in terms of that? >> it continues to be something from which the u.s. doesn't have a strategy or policy. the green revolution in iran has been answering the in-box. reacting to each crisis as it comes. often with a mixed message. you recall the egypt revolution, some officials were saying mubarak was good, others were saying he was bad.
11:19 am
we don't have any policy to drive this in a direction that would benefit u.s. interests. and you see this hope exceeding any sort of factual basis that egypt and the islamists are going to be our friends because we are writing them fat checks every year. there is no evidence. we still have his lambism. if you look at times where the terrorists have done quite well for themselves, that's a terrible thing. but that's nothing compared to the political advantages they gained over the past year sweeping elections in egypt and tunisia. we don't have anything like what we did in the cold war which is a strategy to push back ideologically on our adversaries. heather: the obama administration accused of leading from behind as they enter the second term here. do you believer that will change? >> no. in fact i think we are seeing that today. turning to morsi in egypt
11:20 am
basically is leading from behind. it's shocking that we outsourced our foreign policy and the resolution of a conflict that involved our chief ally in the region that we outsourced that to the muslim brotherhood of all people. the muslim brotherhood is the party of which president morsi is a member. this administration came into office thinking obama was a transformational figure. just going to the middle east and apologizing for u.s. conducts in the past for what he did would radically claingt way the world looks at us. it hasn't happened but this administration never changed its path or strategy. heather: thank you for your insight. happy thanksgiving. rick: move over black friday. there are retailers helping consumers get a bigger start on
11:21 am
those deals. we are looking at gray thursday. heather: a young woman gave her father the gift of life after her own death. >> we never considered it, never thought about it and many things went through my mind, is this ethical? is this right? can i stand every heart beat reminding me of patty?
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
rick: shoppers are flooding stores even camping out overnight to make sure they get first dibs. some people are calling today gray thursday. retailers like kmart opening their doors early.
11:25 am
sears and toys r us will be opening tonight with promises of deep discounts on the most popular items. heather: a bitter sweet story on giving the gift of life. a michigan man received one from someone he never those would lose. his own daughter. >> it's not easy. because i had to make a decision no other man had ever made in the world before. to accept the heart of his dater. >> reporter: chester now 76 years old. the heart of his youngest daughter patty beating inside his chest for almost two decades. she was just 22 at the time and died in a car accident on a camping trip from tennessee.
11:26 am
the call from doctors wasn't good. >> don't bother coming down her death is just minutes away. there isn't a pen or paper that can describe what you feel when you get a call like that. >> reporter: patty never woke up from her coma. he was on a heart transplants list for four years. doctors told chester his daughter left him one final gift. she said if anything ever happened to her she what herd dad to have her heart. >> you could have knocked me over with a feather. we never thought about it. many things went through my mind. is this ethical? is this right? can i stands every heart beat reminding me of patty? >> reporter: but patty's mother within sister and four brothers changed his mind. >> they said, dad, do it. so we called the coordinator up
11:27 am
to tell her. her. that i changed my mind that we would accept patty's heart. >> reporter: he spent the last 18 years giving speeches about the importance of being an organ donor. her liver and kidneys live on and she gave the gift of vision. but patty is not forgotten. >> i often wonder where would patty's kids have fit into this scenario. i know her mother has mentioned, too, she wonders who she would have married. what kinds of wedding dress she would have had. you don't get over it. >> reporter: making the most of his new chance at life
11:28 am
chester now spends his time spreading clear to others. selling christmas trees and wreaths. when he doesn't have the words he asks patty. >> make me an effective speaker, one that can get the point across without being rude, and being factual. i think she has done a good job. heather: thank you to chester. our prayers to him and thanks for sharing that story on this thanksgiving. rick: the importance of being an organ donor is so great and people can make their wishes known on facebook. you can let people know what your wishes are. new details about the death of usama bin laden. they come from internal defense department e-mails and we'll tell you about what they tell us about how the al qaeda leader was buried at sea. heather: the top republican in the house wants to go after the
11:29 am
healthcare in the fiscal negotiations. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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rick: a fox news alert as we updaten a story we have been covering the past couple hours. the massive pileup in texas. we have confirmation two people have died. probably 80-100 people injured. a lot of them taken to local hospitals. there were crews looking for people who may have still been trapped and perhaps this is how they came to learn that two people died. this is jefferson county, texas. this chain reaction accident happening on the highway there. the result of heavy fog. and we are told there are three different areas workers still on
11:33 am
the scene as we learn more. we'll pass it along. heather: thanksgiving is a time to counts our blessings and help thoseless fortunate. but in a scramble for revenues tax changes could hurt those who are in real need. happy thanksgiving, jim. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you. the president's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy could end up hurting charities because they rely on the generosity of those with money. >> high income people tend to give generous gifts. they may give a million dollar contribution to a capital campaign at a local hospital or art museum. there is a small number of boners at the high ends that account for really big chunk of the charitable giving in this
11:34 am
country. and those are the folks that would be most impact bid this tax policy change. >> in fact united way gives $500 million, 15% of its total donations to those giving $10,000 or more. charities worry because a tax increase of any kinds on the wealthy might mean discretionary income would go to the government in the form of taxes instead of the charities in the form of donations. listen. >> if they aren't taxed on that income then they are able to give all of that income to charities and non-profits back to their communities. if they are taxed on their gift to the charities, that's just that much less money they are able to give to non-profits. >> reporter: republicans argue against increases in the tax rate for fear it will discourage small business.
11:35 am
they prefer a cap of deductions on $50,000. >> if you were in the 35% or 33% tax bracket you could only deduct 28% of the cost of say charitable contributions. >> reporter: charities are so worried about tax plans targeting the wealthy that representatives of dozen of charitities from all over the country will converge on washington on december 5 to urge lawmakers to spaish charities, whatever they decide to do about our fiscal problems. heather: jim angle reporting from washington. rick: a new battle to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff with john boehner saying the president's signature healthcare law must be on the table for cuts as
11:36 am
congress works to negotiate a deal. it's nice to see both of you. thanks for coming in on the holiday. i thought obama-care according to john boehner was the law of the land. now he wants to put it on the chopping block? >> there are lots of laws on the land that have to be considered. we have to move beyond the typical washington show game and take a few bills. if we want to cut the budget deficit we have to look at everything that's been passed and make decisions against each of those. if obama-care is the most important policy considered its survives. if there are other things being considered it doesn't survive. that's the only way to approach cliff that's running out very quickly. rick: if there is a deal
11:37 am
spending cuts have to be put on the table and obama-care cost a lot of money. >> that's not true. it cuts the deficit in a 10-year period and even more so over 20 years. john boehner said in his own op-ed that he tried two different ways to get rid of obama-care, going to the supreme court and in the election. they tried 33 times to repeal obama-care in the congress and failed all 33 times. the bottom line is now we have obama-care. it is the law of the lands. we need to take the off the table and focus on the bush tax cuts which american voters decided they want to keep for people under $250,000 and they want to get rid of for people making more than $250,000. rick: obama-care lowers the deficit over time and many people have seen that analysis and agree with it. but republicans have been going far obama-care in airway shape
11:38 am
and form since it was passed. is this an indication that the republicans will keep on going after it? >> regarding the deficit. cbo said if knock is done with the fiscal cliff we'll get $800 billion per year added to the deficit. and obama-care amounts for $100 billion of that. it's $100 boyle in spending that doesn't currently exist. if we are going to do everything we can to keep the economy growing the easiest thing we can cut is spending that's not yet taking place. but i think the bottom line is you have got to start from an absolute beginning where you look at everything equally. if obama-care is the most important program then it survives. if there are other thing that are more important it does not survive. we take one thing off the table from the outset this is not a true negotiation. you look at everything that exists and make decisions about each of them based on their own merits. not take one single bill and taking its off the table.
11:39 am
particularly a bill that 47% of americans still oppose. rick: the number of people who still don't know exactly what obama-care is all about, whether they would benefit from it or be eligible for it. i have been asking democrats since election day, tell me, please, as we get these negotiations over the cliff underway. where would democrats be willing to cut? if obama-care is the most important thing to the democrats, then it remains. but what would democrats be willing to sacrifice because it's clear everybody is going the have to give up something. >> i'm sure we can all agree that american voters went to the polls on november 6 and decided that they didn't want to goat way of mitt romney's ideas and cutting taxes on the rich. rick: just a couple of cuts real fast. >> raising taxes. >> spending programs that democrats would be able to cut. a couple of specifics. >> the military has already asked for specific cuts in
11:40 am
defense spending so there would be a good place to start. but also like i'm saying we are not going to cut benefits to people that need them. we'll raise taxes on people that can afford it. that what's we throats voatd on and democrats came out on top on that. >> it many parts of the negotiation. rick: a very interesting discussion. i would love to have you back on. they have to come up with a deal by new year's eve. thank you both. heather: the daughter of a soldier hard sat work in dance class when she gets the surprise of a lifetime. a heartwarming story on that coming up. rick: you are probably getting ready for a little turkey and stuffing and apple pie. unfortunately those thanksgiving favorites can take a toll on your body. but don't worry. we have great tips to make your holiday a little healthier.
11:41 am
>> i would like to give my family a happy thanksgiving, greetings. hi, brayden, mommy lowstles. hi, whom, i'll talk to you guys later. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligatio. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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heather: here is something to be thankful for. food prices have nearly doubled. but analysts say today temperatures prices are nothing compared to what we could be facing next year. thank you for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving. heather: tell me how long will we have to from frozen leftovers? >> i think we should keep them for a while. the recent droughts caused a lot of heartache with the food supply and most of it we haven't seen yet. the prices of food in 2012 are only up half a% more than they -- up half a percent than they would be out drought. you can't just harvest a field of wheat overnight or raise calculator pigs in a couple days. heather: you are expect an
11:45 am
increase of 3% to 4% next year as compared to .6% this year. which of the elements of our thanksgiving meal is leading the way? turkey? >> the turkeys are leading the way. anything with grain. whether it be stuffing, bread, the prices of corn, the prices much wheat, they are at multi year highs right now. but it's always something with prices going up. you mention a 3% or 4% increase. over the last 10 years the price of your thanksgiving meal if you use that as a benchmark for food is up more than 40%. so that 3% to 4% is on average. gas is up 156% over the last 10 years. price of a new cares up 60%. even the price after stamp is up 30%. but our income is only up 21%.
11:46 am
so whether it be food -- heather: you can also aadjust it it for inflation. we had a graphic that took a look at that. if you adjust for inflation the cost for the average household is less than it was in 1986. >>it is. when you are adjusting for inflation, as long as you adjust everything equally that's fine. but when you are talking about if you don't adjust for inflation, or even if you do, the increase in our median income is only half of the increase in the price of food. so, you know, it's apples to apples. you wonder why we don't have as much in the bank. heather: apples to apples if you are having an apple pie. bottom line, prices will go up next year. rick: a neighborhood devastated by the superstorm sandy.
11:47 am
while people are dealing with the flood damage they are refusing to let it ruin their holiday or dampen their spirits. heather: we are look at a community giving back even after folks lost so much. >> the hardest part was when he started moving out pictures of my mother. her wedding gown. a christening outfit i made for my daughter. knickknacks, cards from my mom. she lives in my heart. and i have nothing to remember her. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
11:48 am
your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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11:50 am
heather: nearly four weeks after superstorm sandy hit some areas they are still reeling from
11:51 am
flood damage. but folks in one neighborhood aren't letting it dampen their thanksgiving spirit. hi, anna. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you and yours. normally rock and wrap it up feeds 600 meals. but today they plan object feeding 1,000 meals. the new york giants are the sponsor. so they are bringing in some of their gear as well to help keep them warm. the basement was glad with storm surge and they have been operating without power. many of the volunteers are superstorm sandy victims as well. even if you don't have a lot, you help where you can.
11:52 am
>> it's a great opportunity to have the kids involved. our community is a big supporter of the rock and wrap it up program. >> it makes me feel lucky i'm able to help other people because really we thought that we were herd bad. but other people are hurt bad. it makes me feel good helping other people. >> the church has a supply center set up for victims to come and pick up flood and clothing and other necessities. they have been serving between 70-100 people every day. this isn't just about the food it's very therapeutic because many of them have been cold, wet, alone in the dark for weeks. they are having a nice chance to talk to each other and some of the volunteers as well. heather: food and fellowship. happy thanksgiving to you, anna.
11:53 am
rick: a lot of us will spend some time getting our fill of the foods we love. the turkey and dressing and alcohol can be detrimental to your health. what can we do to minimize the damage. rebekah is a nutritionist and registered dietician. happy thanksgiving. isn't this a day if we could wick pun day of the year where we don't have to worry about the rules? >> it's one of my favorite days of the year. it's all about the food. you know, it really can get out of hand. some thanksgiving meals can be well over 4,000 calories. my tips are about getting to enjoy the best of the holiday flavor and thinking twice about some things you can have every other day. one of my examples is the bread. does anyone leave the thanksgiving table and say i love the bread the best.
11:54 am
rick: the rolls are good, though. you want something to mop up the gravy. >> maybe the stuffing or mashed potato could do that. again those calories are going to add up, especially a couple rolls with butter. liquid calories is another area. it's easy to down those drinks. they don't fill you up. that adds up as well. rick: it's the afternoon in most parts of the country. people are getting ready. should we have done something sat breakfast or hundred top of prepare for what's coming? >> if you are not going to eat for a few hours i highly recommend you go ahead and have a snack, a handful of nuts or fruit because that's one of the biggest mistakes is people go tall day long. they get suffered at the dinner table. they put a huge plate together
11:55 am
and feel guilty if they don't eat it all. grab a snack, enjoy the color on the plate. be careful of the vegetables that look like dessert. there are candies a.m.s that are filled with syrup and sugar and marshmallows. save that for the pie. rick: this pie was made by one of our colleagues and i understand you need a designated driver. talk to us about desserts and waying you can sample. a lot of people's favorite parts of the meal are the sweets. the pies that come after. so what do you do? >> if there is one more one choice why not take smaller pieces. take a couple bites and make sure you really love it. you never know with that pumpkin pie isn't as good as you thought it would be. but the pecan pie is way better. you want to enjoy every bite of what you are eating. if it doesn't taste as good
11:56 am
leave it and get other stuff that tastes good. make sure you are not overly stuffing yourself to the points where you feel sick. rick: happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. how is it? good? heather: notice i did the pumpkin pie and not the cherry pie with rum. that's for after the show. coming up. the daughter of a soldier hard at work in dance class when she gets the surprise of a lifetime. a heartwarming story coming up. [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
is your cholesterol at goal? talk to youdoctor about crestor. [ femalannouncer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> this young girl got the surprise of her life when her dad showed up at dance practice. check out this reunion. >> something for the family to be grateful for. the rest the family came in after and only mom was in on the surprise and she kept a good secret and created a moment like that. isn't that nice? >> love that

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